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{ March 30th 2005 }

berry's color and ern's color.

Five years after our launch I will take the time to write another part of this "making of". I hope Ern will chime in later and add her own comments. (it would not be good if you were silent, ern - not a silent partner, please...) Comment, comment, comment. I'm not the public relations department and you accepted that ;-). That aside, yes, I will add my bit to this. It is after all Jumpy's fifth birthday, that requires a few words. With five years, Jumpy now can walk all by itself, we just have to give it a few pointers... Jumpy thinks a lot and sometimes it talks to us... at least to me... it talks and it whines and it doesn't let me sleep... *taking a deep breath* We are still here. That alone is reason enough to celebrate. If I look back at the first layout, and at the progression over the years in complexity of stuff that the normal visitor cannot really see - I get immensely proud of the two of us. Yes, me too. When I think about all the HTML-Coding we did... and we now can accomplish the same much easier with a little script... I think if we stuck to HTML Jumpy would have died some time ago. Fortunately we didn't. Yes, it is our little playground and we add and add and add. As long as the ideas keep coming... And Maintainance and Stuff got much more convenient. Not to mention the possibilities of the DVDs... Through Jumpy I learned so much about programming and databases, it is a huge playground with so many possibilities... I guess, the same goes for berry and the design department. I think we both benefit a lot from the things we do to with Jumpy. And it's not just us that do stuff with Jumpy. People like John Hightower and Jean who have added to JumpNow by adding word after word to a dictionary and keeping up with the PotD - they have simply let us stay around. Even though updates were a rare thing on occasion, we have become an archive with more content offline than online. I am surprised - in a good way - that people stuck with us for such a long time. I mean, I never imagined, there would be something like a community around this site. I have a theory! Crazy people attract other crazy people... But when I look at the forum, I find that so many familiar people are still around and support Jumpy. Thanks to all of you who stayed with us, gave feedback and and encouraged us. You were a pain in the butt an inspiration and helped a great deal to keep Jumpy alive and kicking. We will not spoiler people what is to come during the next months, but there is something we have been working on since JumpNow went online five years ago. We have simply not come around to finish it and post it yet. When I think that we had parts of that thingy ready almost from the beginning... well, it is an on again, off again affair, that thing. Yes, we started it with a passion but it got too hard that workload. But we did a big chunk of work last year (around the same time as now). Because around our birthday we always get so darn nostalgic... And by now, it's clearly in its finishing phase. And only because Ern works on it like... always. And me? I do the little pictures, of course. Let's just hope that nothing in real life butts in and we can actually launch it before Jumpy's sixth birthday. See? JumpNow at this moment is still a work in progress with no end in sight. It seems everytime we finish something, a new idea pops up which we want to try out right away. Ern is a neverending source for new tricks and shortcuts. As I said, it's not me! Jumpy talks to me... it wants this and it wants that... and it never ends... and all the questions... five years and deifnitely not shy. Imagine us as crazy people who hear voices all the time. Isn't that a comforting thought? Well, passions go elsewhere. New series pop up every year and of course some have lured us away from the Babylon 5 fandom. Oddly enough our passion for Babylon 5 has remained strong and we still work our butts off for this page and remain part of the fandom. Not bad for a series that started in 1994. *smooches DVDs*

September 7th 2000, berry at berry's place + ern at ern's place.

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