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{ September 7th 2000 }

berry's color and ern's color.

Nearly two weeks have passed since we did the last 'making of'. I had... as always a great time with ern and we put out a lot of fun stuff (others call it nonsense) into the world. Just be reminded of our recent 'Hannover special' which is online.
Have fun with it. WE had it. =)
THE Hannover special.. *Whooo*.. cool thing... I always have to laugh when I listen to it.
But after Hannover we have been to the Nexus con in Berlin... and that was a lot of fun too...
Yeah, the Nexus! I SAW MIRA FURLAN!!! Cool! Bruce was right! He said that she is just lovely... and that she is! Just stay tuned for the sounds from her panel! (And the next pics...)
She did part of her panel in German and she was very good at it =)... sometimes it was very funny because she switched midsentence the language... *g*... but I guess we understood her quite well =)... Just wait for the sounds... they are cute. She even sang! =) And that will be online here too!
berry If I get my computer back up and running... it is currently not really cooperating and while I was here my parents let my room flood with water... well gee... What can I say? Life's tough sometimes...
*Now it's her with the Sheridan mode...*
Hey those lines are great. And I don't just use them here... I use them in everyday life, too! See how crazy I REALLY am? But hey...
As if I wouldn't know...
Well, d'oh... Well, where was I? Okay, I will get my computer going and then you get sounds and other stuff. We work on a view things. And it is really going quite well with the page and all.
Yeah... yeah.. the page is running very good. With the new home and all... I'm happy. Just that that new part we're working on just doesn't want to be finished soon... it's a little incooperative.
It just is very mean and big and ... colorful...
ern What did I think when I started that... maybe 60 hours work? well... I guess that was a little understatement... since we only can work on it when we're together... or it's better that we... you know, for the inspiration...
And if we would just concentrate on THAT alone... but no, we have to do stuff like Hannover specials... and Nexus cons and stuff... Corona, sf-radio, work, university... all coming in the way sometimes... but we'll manage. And we decided to show it soon... =)
At least partially... those parts we get done within the next couple of weeks. I really hope that you enjoy that thing 'cause it's a lot of work... AND a lot of fun!
And a lot of US in it, too... intimate stuff. Like what we drink in the middle of the night.
Right now we're drinking coffee.. 'cause it's 3 a.m. and we just came back from a pub and berry is leaving tomorrow... uhm... today... and we still have some things to get done...
Yeah, 3 a.m. AGAIN! Did we ever get into bed before 3 a.m.? Very rarely...
Yep, very very rarely... did we ever?... and all just for you... no, no, just kidding. We have a lot of fun... this is as much for us as it is for you =)
I really like being in one room with ern... and I am not talking about a CHATROOM!!! That will happen again after tomorrow... ohhh... I see the telephone bill raise again...
oh... the telephone bill... *urgh*...
To another topic... Within the next months there will be some changes outside of Jumpy... May I, berry?
Yes, ern, you may be the first...
Okay... *attention please* May I present: The EBN! That's the "Ern Berry Network"!!! Would you like to explain?
berry *grabs microphone* *or keyboard* The EBN is a network of all our OTHER pages. There is a lot more we have or are working on. Partly German but not all of it. JumpNow will be the center core of that network and will remain our focus.
So, you'll find stuff on the X-Files, The Simpsons, Star Trek and *berry grabs the keys...*
... and stuff about Bruce Boxleitner... hehehehe...
Did you think I would leave him out of the mentioning? Never! So, where was I? Yes, Star Trek, some of our favourite movies... AND BRUCE B.
Thank you, ern. Just as thrilled as I am, huh? We work on it. And believe me, it looks great already...
I forgot two VERY important parts: "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" (the OTHER show with Bruce B.) and the other Bruce I'm very fond of: BRUCE... Springsteen!!!! YEAH!!! Did I mention that I am a huge fan of that man? No? I AM! *bg*
Yeah, we have plenty of stuff that deserves to be shown... including Bruce B.
AND Bruce S.
And Bruce W.?
You'd care to tell people who you mean with Bruce W.?
Die hard, Die Harder, Die Hard With A Vengeance? Bruce Willis, of course!
Thanks berry. You got an A. Sit down.
Full points, wow. Never had that before... good god. Anyway...
ern Yeah, let's get back to the topic at hand: EBN and JumpNow. I guess you'll have something to look forward to with the EBN. I hope that both of us have the time to keep all pages updated... I really do. Not as often as Jumpy, but every now and then. Ah... *sigh*... Jumpy... I like our page, you know, berry. When I suggested it I never thought it would turn out this way =). I never thought we'd be able to update it that often... we said we'd step back a little... but as I realized - we couldn't do it... we always had something that needed to be posted... *you have to know that berry was just out of the room and I am rambling around a little... oh, she's back...*... berry? You'd like to write something?
Well, yeah, a little bit. JumpNow is great. I love it. I love to work on it. And even now when it seems the page lays dorment... in the background there is ALWAYS something going on and brooding... *g*
I love to work on it too =)... Even if it's a lot of work... but I love it. I love surfin' through it.
So we are both fans of the page... shouldn't we write in that guestbook more often? I guess... this is just a little HINT *twinkle*
She just knows how I love to find new entries in our guestbook! So, if you're on a visit: take a seat... help yourself to a cookie... and leave a signature in our GB =) Both of us appreciate it =)
Enjoy your stay and... who knows? Maybe I just go and do yet another Sheridan potd... =) My definition of a good potd: Bruce Springsteen song + Bruce Boxleitner picture.
So stay a while and always remember: the real answer is "Käsebrisiolette".

September 7th 2000, berry + ern at ern's place.

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