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{ August 25th 2000 }

berry's color and ern's color.

Here we are again doing our ‚making of'. It's four months later and we are sitting here waiting for the next day to come - we'll go to the EXPO2000 in Hannover!
Actually we are in Hannover. Met today and now the phone bill at home is not strained too much... The next few days will be quite something.
Actually the next weeks will be something. After this EXPO-thing berry is going to stay at my place for a while. We'll go to the Nexus convention next weekend - seeing Mira Furlan =). And we'll do some stuff for good ol' Jumpy. There is still that new section to come and I hope we'll finish that soon... berry? Would you please stop taking pictures of me?
Stop!.. Ah... I suspect she'll put the worst of 'em in here... berry? Finished?
Yes I'm finished now and we will sort through the pictures later I guess. It is a fine thing that digital camera - unless the batteries are down like right now... hehehe. No more pictures of good ol' berry...
Don't worry - berry is rumbling through her backpack in search of some new batteries. You'll get some more pics of us... and of the Nexus con.
Okay, now to the real thing we should discuss in this ‚making of' - the Making of JumpNow. What do we have new on JumpNow? There is that section about conventions within the ‚Articles'. That's where we post pics and sounds from conventions. We even have a panel-transcript with Bruce Boxleitner online =). If you have anything to submit for this section - we are open for almost everything.
Well, and then there is the cover section which will feature magazine and video covers alike. It still needs some expanding but we've had some trouble with our provider so there was mainly the search for a new home that kept us busy. But that is over now...
Yeah! That's over now. And except for that little problem on August 24th we are very happy here. Can you imagine it took us seven hours to move the entire page! That big has it grown. Whoa... I never expected to have (partially) such a huge page.
Will it ever stop? I guess not. We will always have new ideas and such... and the fanfiction archive is growing thanx to all the writers who are sending us their new stories. And then there will things happen like the "Ern special"... just wait.
Yep, just wait *bg*. But there's not only that new stuff waiting for you. As you may have read on one of the last Fanfiction updates - there is a lot of things piling on our desks. Updates enough for the next months are waiting for the upload... if we just had the time... Don't worry if the updates might take a little longer - as long as there's JumpNow there will be updates... sooner or later.
For the rest I have to say that I'm quite stunned about the number of daily visitors... I'm not only stunned - I'm extremely happy =)
Those updates... Mainly those will be pictures. But I hope that some sounds will intermingle because the sound section is still steady - and steady ain't sexy- as we all know... and let's not even talk about the "Crusade" section. But there are some interesting new scripts online at bookface. And who was wondering how Crusade would have been... read it there.
*Sigh* ... what else is to say... I don't know. I'm just happy that everything is soooo fine right now. I'm happy about those who write such encouraging mails to us... and about our very busy FanFiction authors =).
No pop-up, no stress. Okay not with JumpNow anyway. I'm happy too. Very. *Always look on the bright side of life!* Will do. I just thought about what we will do when we are at ern's place - and have a VCR that can do NTSC. Right now we don't have any means of TV entertainment... but it's okay. Just don't think about what piles on the other end of the room... tapes... interesting tapes... and so on...
Yeah... and work for that new section of ours but enough about that one. You'll see it soon enough for yourselves.
I guess that's all for now, isn't it, berry? We'll see if we write again something at the end of berry's visit.
Just don't make me think about that right now... *sorry* yeah, well it's enough for now. See ya.

August 25th 2000, berry + ern in Hannover.

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