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{ May 23rd, 2000 }

berry's color and ern's color.

So, here we are, nearly 2 months after the launch of our page. We had a lot of response. Which we hadn't expected as quite as diverse.
We were asked why we didn't do JumpNow.de in German. Here is the answer: Almost every German Fiver speaks English, but only a minority of our other visitors speaks German. AND B5 is an American Show. That's why.
And if we would do it in German then we would probably be asked why we have English sounds on our page... The answer to that would then be: the German synchro simply sucks and isn't half as funny as the original.
No, we stick to the original and do it the 'English' way.
Back to the responses: We had lots of them and almost all of them were very good. We thank you for your support and we do our best to keep up the good work... as long as you keep visiting us :-).
JumpNow has grown steadily over the last month and we work on a new section at the time. So we expand all the time. I hope that the Crusade section will be finished soon. It hangs there... and, yeah it simply hangs there.
What else simply hangs there is the requests page: It's established to give you the opportunity to request pics and sounds from your favourite scenes. Do we have such a good selection already online that you don't have any requests left? ;-).
Oh, and let me mention once more: If you have stories or articles that should be posted here - let us know.
Fairly new to the page as well is the potd archive for all the pop-ups we had the last days/weeks/months.
I have still to add that to the sitemap so that you can access it directly from there.
Yeah, there's still so much to add to the page... and that mostly at 2 a.m.
I sometimes asked myself where the time goes?
*Beyond the rim, berry, beyond the rim...*
Keep the Sheridan mode down for a sec, will ya?
I just wanted to add that maybe we will step down a little in the future. That doesn't mean we won't have any more updates... just fewer BIG ones.
Yep, that's right.
Hey, berry, you remember the first day we've been on the ZOCALO? We had more than a hundred visitors that day. Thanks to Sandra Bruckner for putting us in - we appreciate that a lot :-)
What else is there to say? berry?
Not much more. Besides the casual little problems Jumpy is running smoothly and is just fine. So we will see what the next 2 months will bring.

See you all on JumpNow, enjoy and stay tuned.

berry + ern, May 23rd 2000, berry's place

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