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{ March 5th, 2000 }

berry's color and ern's color.

Isil'Zha - The Future
At first there was 'Isil'Zha - The Future' - berry's glorious page, that I discovered shortly after I got into the web. And there was 'Ern's Babylon 5 page' which I discovered after she wrote to me and I knew there was a fan out there... the first fan I ever had for my page - that actually wrote me.
Ern's Babylon 5 page
Yes, I was a huge fan and I wanted to make my own page and I had no idea about copyrights and everything that goes with it - so I had to ask someone who should probably know...
And then there was SMK and our (little) obsession with Boxleitner. To make a long story short: we ended up sending each other pictures and wavs and all that stuff. We met, we phoned weekly... although living on opposite sides of this country.
And then there was that night of January 21st... I think I was up until 3 o'clock or so... and then I had one of my bright ideas... How about making a B5 page together?
January 22nd, I read this e-mail and I thought: 'Wow, this is bad.' You must know I just started to make plans how to make the B5 page the center of my domain. And then? Then I thought about ern's suggestion and I realized that it was not bad at all. It's after all a good step in the right direction. berry
If I only knew what we had started...
We had to be out of our minds... *g*... but it was fun designing a new page. That was the first item on our list - make a page that was different from our former ones but should include everything we made until then. That means after we made the design we had to put all that funny stuff we love so much in it.
And who'd've thought that we pushed each other to the limits with making pictures of episodes? I made 254 (in words: twohundredandfiftyfour!) pictures of 'Messages From Earth' after ern produced a total of 456 (fourhundredandfiftysix!) pictures of 'A Call To Arms'. It was insane and I loved it!
There are not only pictures and sounds you'll find on JumpNow. There is much more which would never have happened if we hadn't moved in together. *g*
We made plans to bring some additional material in it such as the articles, a little fanfiction archive and last but not least Babylon 5 vs. Lord of the Rings. I read the trilogy about a year ago and I asked berry if she knew it. She said she was just at it... and two month later she was still in the marshes, *argh*! How could she take so much time???
The time I read the end of 'The Lord Of The Rings' I was totally amazed how much JMS had taken from the saga. And we HAD to do a little segment for the page.
The page - our page. Doesn't that sound cool?
ern It was growing exponentially after we made the first steps and when berry came to visit me we had about 250MB ready for the upload *g*. But we were not finished yet... there was still so much to do. When she was here we wrote all these little articles with two writing colors - just take a look at 'Season 5 - Blessing or Burden'...
And it all was TOP SECRET, too. So we couldn't really tell anybody. Nobody was informed. It was too good to share... We were building something that was bigger than ourselves... Only Ivanova knows how far this is going to get. Very far, I tell you that. With the biggest picture archive the net has ever seen.

After all we have a lot of fun creating this page and we really don't know when it ends to grow. We'll try to update this page very often and make funny or wacky or weird or odd (hi, Lee!) stuff every now and then.

So, stay tuned and watch out for more!

March 5th, 2000
ern + berry at Ern's place

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