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In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, physicists came to the conclusion that the smallest building blocks of our universe were infinitely small constructs termed 'strings'. These strings vibrate, and their vibration patterns determine which of the four universal forces (electromagnetic, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, gravitic) they manifest. Known as Superstring Theory, this discovery led to the speculation that our entire universe was an interdimensional string, termed a 'brane' (short for membrane), that cosmic strings, the macro-sized versions of strings, were created during the Big Bang and that there might be other universes that were similarly spawned - and thus accessable along these strings. Jumpgates (and jump engines) recreate the conditions that existed at the beginning of the universe (with extreme limitations, obviously) and generate cosmic string 'tunnels' that vessels can use to link into a nearby parallel universe (Hyperspace); one much smaller but with roughly similar physical characteristics to ours. Because every point in the parallel universe corresponds to every point within ours but it has not expanded nearly as much, interstellar travel through it is possible without exceeding the speed of light.