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One of the older races. Delenn said that they 'wandered among the stars like giants' and that they have no other word for them. The Shadows enforce a reign of chaos, opposed to the Vorlons who believe in total order of things.
The homeworld of the Shadows is Z'ha'dum, there they lay dormant for about 1000 years, until a human expedition came to the planet on the Icarus to poke around. Among the archeologists was Anna Sheridan, Captain John Sheridan's wife.
She was captured by the Shadows and put into one of their ships as a central processing unit. Mr Morden was on that same ship, but he was used as a connection between the Shadows and the humans. The Psi Corps was one of the main targets for the Shadows to influence. Telepaths are the only means to disrupt communication between the machine and the human CPU.

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