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Jeffrey Sinclair

Actor: Michael O'Hare

The Gathering
Jeffrey Sinclair is Babylon 5's first commanding officer. A fighter pilot during the Earth-Minbari War, Sinclair is haunted by a hole in his mind - 24 hours he can't remember from The Battle of the Line. All he remembers is awakening in his fighter to find the war was over. The Minbari had surrendered. When Ambassadr Kosh is poisoned upon his arrival at B5, Sinclair becomes the prime suspect. He must find the true assassin, or be taken for trial to the Vorlon homeworld.

Season 1
Jeffrey Sinclair was appointed Babylon 5's first commander after many others were rejected by the Minbari. Unknown to Sinclair, they believed a Minbari soul dwelled within him. Sinclair was born on Mars Colony and is 39 years old.

Season 2
After discovering that President Santiago's death was a conspiracy, Sinclair was transferred to Minbar where he became the Earth Alliance's first ambbassador to that world. Sinclair now leads a clandestine group called the Rangers, who are organizing to fight the great darkness befalling the galaxy (The Coming Of Shadows).

Season 3
Jeffrey Sinclair was B5's first commanding officer. Shortly after Luis Santiago's assassination, Sinclair was reassigned by President Clark to Minbar as Earth's ambassador. After Sinclair learned of the Shadows, he reinstituted the Rangers, a secret army of humans and Minbari. Sinclair returned through time with Babylon 4 to the last Shadow War and used a chrysalis to become Valen, the legendary Minbari leader (War Without End I, War Without End II).

Season 4
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Season 5
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Jeffrey Sinclair

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