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Actor: William Forward

Season 2
Lord Refa is a powerful functionary within the Centauri government. He conspired with Londo Mollari to undermine the authority of the emperor, so as to position themselves for greater influence when the emperor passed away. Refa apparently is associated with those who murdered Prime Minister Malachi after the emperor's death. He also brought charges against Urza Jaddo, an old dueling friend of Londo's, that led to a duel in which Londo killed Urza.

Season 3
Lord Refa schemed to take power within the Centauri Republic by removing the progressive Emperor Turhan from the throne and replacing him with Turhan's pliant nephew, Cartagia. To keep Refa in check, Londo Mollari slipped him one part of a poison, threatening to deliver the second part if Refa didn't break with Morden. After Morden killed Londo's lover Adira Tyree, Londo thought Refa was responsible. He lured Refa into a trap on Narn, where G'Kar had him killed in retaliation for atrocities.




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