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Kosh Naranek

Actor: Ardwight Chamberlain

Season 1
Kosh Naranek is the Vorlon Empire's ambassador to Babylon 5. Upon his arrival, he was poisoned by a Minbari warrior wearing a changeling net to impersonate Jeffrey Sinclair.

Season 2
Kosh wears an encounter suit to hide his true identity; he recently told John Sheridan that if he were to reveal himself, he would be recognized by 'everyone'. The Vorlons are the last of the ancient races that did battle with the Shadows, and have been watching and waiting for the return of that dark race.

Season 3
The Vorlon Empire's representative to Babylon 5, Kosh existed in an encounter suit designed to conceal his true appearance. He emerged publicly only once, to rescue John Sheridan. Those who witnessed the incident believe they saw an angelic figure from their own religious beliefs. Kosh died at the hands of Morden and the Shadows, after the Vorlons intervened in the Shadow War. He has been replaced by another Vorlon, Ulkesh, pretending to be the original Kosh.


  • The Gathering
  • In The Beginning


Kosh Naranek

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