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Actor: Ed Wasser

Season 2
An agent of the Shadows, Morden was a crew member aboard the explorer ship Icarus which stumbled across their homeworld on Z'Ha'Dum (In The Shadow Of Z’ha’dum). Recruited into their service, Morden arrived on Babylon 5 to find someone whose integrity could be compromised. Londo Mollari, dreaming of past glories, accepted Morden's help without question (Signs And Portents). John Sheridan, Delenn and Kosh have uncovered Morden's activities, but for now will leave hime alone to avoid warning the coming dark enemy (In The Shadow Of Z’ha’dum).

Season 3
Morden is a Shadow operative who travels the galaxy doing their bidding. He has access into the most inner sanctums of power on many worlds, including Earth and the Centauri Republic. Morden is always accompanied by several shadow "associates" who are usually invisible (In The Shadow Of Z’ha’dum). He helped kill Kosh when Vorlon broke the rules of engagement (Interludes And Examinations). Morden may have died when Sheridan destroyed the Shadow city on Z'ha'dum (Z'ha'dum).

Season 4
Morden barely suvived the nuclear explosion John Sheridan detonated in the Shadow city. While his 'associates' healed his injuries, Morden convinced Centauri Emperor Cartagia to allow Shadow ships to be based on the Island of Celini, in exchange for the Shadows elevating him to godhood. After Cartagia's assassination, an intelligence minister informed Londo Mollari that it was Morden, not Refa, who killed Adira Tyree. Londo beheaded Morden and stuck his head on a pike in the royal garden.



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