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Londo Mollari

Actor: Peter Jurasik

In The Beginning
The year is 2278. Emperor Londo Mollari nears the end of his life, the choices he has made weighing heavily upon him. Two children, the offspring of Centauri noblemen, sneak into the royal court and ask Londo to tell them a story "about great battles and wars and bravery and heroes and villains." Londo begins to tell the greatest story of all, one of fantastic deeds and terribly mistakes. It's the story of the third age of Mankind. The story of the Earth-Minbari War.

The Gathering
The Centauri Republic is a decaying empire. Londo Mollari is assigned to Babylon 5 in the hope that his government can attach itself to Earth's destiny, like a remora to a shark. He spends much of his time in the casino, gambling and drinking. When the Advisory Council deliberates Jeffrey Sinclair's deportation to the Vorlon homeworld, G'Kar secures Londo's support with information about atrocities Londo's grandfather committed years ago on Narn.

Season 1
Londo Mollari is the Centauri Republic's ambassador to Babylon 5. When he was first assigned, Londo drank heavily and dreamed of past greatness. But then he met Morden, who unknown to Londo is an agent of the Shadows (Signs And Portents).

Season 2
Morden arranged for several Narn defeats, and for Londo to take public credit (Revelations). The result was that the ambassador is now a major player in Centauri politics. Londo is only now beginning to suspect that he will pay a great price for this dark alliance.

Season 3
Londo Mollari's appointment to Babylon 5 was a joke until he met the cryptic Morden. With Morden's help he engineered several military victories that culminated with the Centauri conquering Narn (The Long, Twilight Struggle). Events spun beyond Londo's control, as Lord Refa began moving against neighboring peoples. Londo arranged for Refa's capture and death with G'Kar, since Refa was responsible for bombing Narn (And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place). Londo has been offered a position in Emperor Cartagia's court, to reel him in.

Season 4
Londo Mollari was recalled from Babylon 5 to advise Emperor Cartagia on planetary security. Finding Cartagia mad, he led a conspiracy to kill the emperor (Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?). After Cartagia's death, Londo was named Prime Minister but returned to B5 to escape the controversy from his freeing Narn (The Long Night). Londo tried to overcome his past differences with G'Kar, but the Narn agreed only in the larger interests of galactic peace (No Surrender, No Retreat). Together they built an alien force that supported Sheridan's fight to free Earth (Endgame).


Londo Mollari

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