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Susan Ivanova

Actor: Claudia Christian

Season 1
Susan Ivanova was born in the Russian Consortium and raised as a Jew by her parents, Andrei Ivanov and Sofie Ivanova. Her mother, who had latemt telepathic abilities, was forced to take drugs and died leaving Susan with a hatred of Psi Corps.

Season 2
After joining Earthforce, Ivanova served under John Sheridan at the transfer point off Io (Points Of Departure). A skilled pilot, Ivanova has an acerbic wit and is quick to lose her temper. Recently promoted to Commander, she's trying to learn the fine art of diplomacy (The Geometry Of Shadows).

Season 3
Commander Susan Ivanova was born in the Russian Consortium and raised as a Jew. She has no surviving family members. Ivanova inherited latent telepathic powers from her mother, a secret she has hidden from everyone except John Sheridan. Ivanova overcame her hatred of Psi Corps to explore a romantic relationship with telepath Talia Winters, but Talia's personality was destroyed by a secret Psi Corps program (Divided Loyalities, Ceremonies Of Light And Dark). Ivanova has reacted coldly to Marcus Cole's romantic interest.

Season 4
Susan Ivanova assumed command of Babylon 5 after Captain Sheridan was presumed dead on Z'ha'dum (The Hour Of The Wolf). After Sheridan's return, Ivanova began broadcasts on a Voice of Resistance to counter disinformation from President Clark's regime (Lines Of Communication). After Ivanova was fatally wounded in battle (The Face Of The Enemy), Marcus took her back to Babylon 5, where he connected both of them to Dr. Rosen's alien healing device. His sacrifice saved her, but left him near death (Endgame). After the war Ivanova accepted command of a warship (Rising Star).


Susan Ivanova

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