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Michael Garibaldi

Actor: Jerry Doyle

The Gathering
Michael Garibaldi bounced from one station to another until he met Jeffrey Sinclair. The commander saw something in him, and selected Garibaldi to be Security Officer on Babylon 5. The appointment was opposed by the Earth Alliance senator acting as liaison to the station. Sinclair chose Garibaldi because he's not subtle and he's not politic. When an attempt is made on Kosh's life, Sinclair turns to Garibaldi to find the assassin. Garibaldi is friends with Londo Mollari.

Season 1
Michael Garibaldi was handpicked by Jeffrey Sinclair to be his security chief when he was assigned to command Babylon 5. A skilled pilot, Garibaldi blamed himself for the death of a friend on Mars and fell into alcoholism (Survivors). Sinclair befriended him and gave him a second chance. His "second favorite thing in the universe" is the cartoon Duck Dogders.

Season 2
Garibaldi was shot in the back by one of his men after uncovering the plot against President Santiago, but survived (Chrysalis, Revelations). When Sinclair was replaced by Captain John Sheridan, Garibaldi wasn't sure if he wanted to work for someone he didn't know personally. As the months have gone by, Garibaldi has grown close to Sheridan, although they still have strong disagreements. Garibaldi temporarily resigned when Sheridan violated detention regulations while questioning Morden (In The Shadow Of Z’ha’dum).

Season 3
After Sinclair was reassigned, Garibaldi warily found respect for John Sheridan, and finally friendship. Garibaldi has been captured by the Shadows, and his fate is unknown (Z'ha'dum).

Season 4
Michael Garibaldi was captured by a Shadow ship and fell into the hands of Psi Corps, where Bester programmed him to undermine John Sheridan (Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?, The Face Of The Enemy). He returned to Babylon 5, resigned as Security Chief, and began a career as investigator (Epiphanies). Hired by entrepreneur William Edgars, Garibaldi discovered that his former lover Lise Hampton had married Edgars (Conflicts Of Interest). Garibalid betrayed Sheridan, then was released by Bester (The Face Of The Enemy). He helped rescue Sheridan, then saved Lise Hampton from gangsters after her husband was killed (Between The Darkness And The Light, Rising Star).


Michael Garibaldi

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