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Stephen Franklin

Actor: Richard Biggs

Season 2
Stephen Franklin is Medical Chief of Staff, and is the son of General Richard Franklin of Earthforce (GROPOS). He's passionate about his chosen career in medicine, with a specialty in xenobiology. Franklin is a Foundationist, a philosophical movement which believes that God is too big a concept to be defined by words. Along with other doctors, Franklin ran an "underground railroad" that until recently helped unregistered telepaths escape Psi Corps (A Race Through Dark Places).

Season 3
Dr. Stephen Franklin is the son of Earthforce General Richard Franklin. Cursed with an obsessive-compulsive personality, Dr. Franklin slowly became addicted to "stims" he took to remains awake while working long hours. Forced to face his addiction, Franklin took leave to go on "walkabout" (Walkabout). After spending several weeks in Downbelow, Franklin was stabbed and nearly died. He hallucinated seeing himself, and begun coming to terms with his life. Franklin has returned to duty (Shadow Dancing).

Season 4
Dr. Stephen Franklin travelled with Ranger Marcus Cole to Mars, assigned by Captain John Sheridan to establish an alliance with the Mars Resistance (Racing Mars). He promised to free Mars if they helped Sheridan's task force. Franklin had a briefly intimate relationship with the Resistance leader, known only as Number One (Lines Of Communication). Franklin returned to Mars with Lyta Alexander to help liberate Mars, using telepaths altered by the Psi Corps to disable Earth Alliance warships loyal to President Morgan Clark (Endgame).


Stephen Franklin

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