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Vir Cotto

Actor: Stephen Furst

Season 1
Vir Cotto is Londo Mollari's diplomatic attaché. Unhappy at home, Vir accepted a posting with Londo, which his family thought was an embarrassing assignment.

Season 2
When he first arrived on Babylon 5, Vir totally lacked self-assurance, but over the months has started to grow in confidence to the point that he will now tell Londo when he thinks the ambassador is wrong. As Londo's star has risen, so has Vir's, although Vir has grave reservations about Londo's association with Morden.

Season 3
Londo Mollari arranged for Vir Cotto's promotion to diplomatic envoy, assiged to Minbar. Londo wanted Vir away from Babylon 5, where events were taking a dark turn (Dust To Dust). While on Minbar, Vir helped to organize safe passage for Narns fleeing Centauri occupation (Sic Transit Vir). When Londo discovered his intrigue, he recalled Vir to Babylon 5. Lady Morella has prophesied that both Londo and Vir will one day be emperor - but one will assume the throne only after the death of the other.

Season 4
When Londo found a mad Cartagia on the Centauri throne, he enlisted Vir's aid in plotting to assassinate the Emperor (The Long Night). Vir returned to Centauri Prime, working quietly to enlist co-conspirators. After Londo dropped the injector filled with poison, Vir plunged it between Cartagia's hearts (Into The Fire). Although Centauri Prime was saved, the murderous act continues to haunt Vir. After Londo was named Prime Minister, Vir's prominence in the Centauri Republic continued to rise as well.


Vir Cotto

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