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Marcus Cole

Actor: Jason Carter

Season 3
Marcus Cole joined the Rangers after his brother, who was a Ranger, and a woman he cared for died in a Shadow attack that destroyed a distant Earth mining colony. He is torn by guilt because he didn't listen to his brother's warnings. Marcus found in his Ranger training a way to repress his anger, although his discipline sometimes slips under stress (Ceremonies Of Light And Dark). He served under Jeffrey Sinclair while on Minbar, and is fluent in the Minbari languages (War Without End I). Marcus has a romantic interest in Susan Ivanova.

Season 4
Marcus Cole was assigned by Captain John Sheridan to join Susan Ivanova in a search for more First Ones who could help end the Great War (Voices Of Authority, The Summoning, The Long Night). Marcus loved Susan, but kept this a secret to himself. When Ivanova was mortally wounded in a battle at Sector 300, Marcus took her back to Babylon 5 and used Dr. Rosen's alien capital punishment machine to transfer his life energy to her. Marcus's body was found in full metabolic shutdown, with no known cure (Between The Darkness And The Light, Endgame).


Marcus Cole

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