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Alfred Bester

Actor: Walter Koenig

Season 3
Alfred Bester is a member of the Psi Cops, the enforcement arm of the Psi Corps. Psi Cops are rated P-12, possibly higher. Their main charge is to hunt down rogue telepaths, but some such as Bester engage in more covert projects. Bester struck an alliance of convenience with the Babylon 5 senior officers when he learned that some Psi Corps members had been co-opted by a conspiracy involving President Clark and the Shadows.

Season 4
When Bester learned of President Clark's plans to shut down Babylon 5, he exploited the situation by trading the information to John Sheridan in exchange for seeking technology on Z'ha'dum that might free his lover, Carolyn Sanderson, from her Shadow implants. Lyta Alexander foiled Bester by triggering the defense mechanisms on Z'ha'dum. Bester altered Michael Garibaldi's personality so he could be used against Sheridan. After freeing Earth, Sheridan warned Bester to avoid Garibaldi's wrath.


Alfred Bester

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