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Lyta Alexander

Actor: Patricia Tallmann

The Gathering
Lyta Alexander is a commercial telepath assigned by the Psi Corps to Babylon 5. A sixth generation telepath, her psi rating is P-5. When Ambassador Kosh falls ill, Dr. Benjamin Kyle persuades Lyta to scan the Vorlon to find out what's wrong, even though an unauthorized mind scan could get her thrown out of the Psi Corps. Lyta sees a poison skin tab placed on Kosh's right wrist by Jeffrey Sinclair. G'Kar uses her scan in his scheme to send Sinclair to the Vorlon Homeworld for trial.

Season 1
Lyta Alexander was the first commercial telepath assigned to Babylon 5. A member of the Psi Corps, she has a P5 rating. Lyta was recruited by Laurel Takashima and Dr. Benjamin Kyle to scan Kosh's mind, when the Vorlon fell ill. She saw Cmdr. Sinclair place a poison tab on Kosh's wrist, but it was actually a warrior wearing a changeling net. Lyta was recalled by Psi Corps shortly afterward, perhaps to learn what she discovered about the mysterious Kosh.

Season 3
Lyta was the first commercial telepath assigned to Babylon 5. When Kosh fell ill, she scanned his mind to find he's been poisoned. The Psi Corps recalled her to Earth to learn what she saw. Lyta went on the run, and fell in with Mars rebels. Obsessed with reaching Vorlon space, she finally reached their homeworld. Lyta returned as Kosh's aide, and is now engaged in helping John Sheridan fight the Shadows.

Season 4
When Lyta realized that the Vorlons no longer cared about what happened to the younger races, she helped John Sheridan lure Ulkesh into a lethal trap. After the war, Lyta couldn't find regular work as people feared her former connection to the Vorlons, who had significantly enhanced her telepathic powers. Lyta helped liberate Earth, breaking through the implants in the minds of telepaths altered by the Shadows so they could be used as weapons against President Clark's warships.


Lyta Alexander

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