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Actor: John Vickery

Season 1
Neroon was the second-in-command of Branmer, a great Minbari general who recently died. A member of the Star Rider clan, Neroon insisted on parading Branmer's remains across the galaxy as a symbol of war, although Delenn knew that Branmer didn't like such spectacles. Neroon opposed the Minbari surrender at the Line (Legacies).

Season 2
When Delenn was removed from the Grey Council, Neroon replaced her, giving the warrior caste for members instead of three, violating ancient tradition (All Alone In The Night).

Season 3
Neroon tries to stop Delenn's appointment as the new leader of the Rangers. He fights Marcus in a denn-shah battle to the death. Neroon realizes that if a human is willing to die for a Minbari, Delenn's cause may be just (Grey 17 Is Missing).

Season 4
Long an opponent of Delenn and suspicious of her motives, during the last year Alyt Neroon developed a grudging respect for her. Delenn chose to trust Neroon because he was always motivated by what was right for his people. They secretly chose to end the Minbari civil war by luring Shai Alyt Shakiri into the lethal Star Fire Wheel with Delenn. When Delenn stayed within the Wheel to die for her people, Neroon sacrificed himself, calling on all Minbari to heed her message of peace (Rumors, Bargains And Lies, Moments Of Transition).




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