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Actor: Bill Mumy

Season 2
Lennier is the diplomatic attaché to Ambassador Delenn. He was raised within the Third Fane of Chudomo, a religious caste, and his assignment to Babylon 5 is his first trip bexond the world of the temples. The quintessential innocent abroad, Lennier is intensely curious about all the wonders about him. He is nonetheless fiercely protective of Delenn, and has stood by her after her dismissal from the Grey Council (All Alone In The Night).

Season 3
Lennier is a member of the religious caste known as the Third Fane of Chudomo. His appointment to Babylon 5 was his first trip off Minbar. His exposure to the events on B5 have slowly eroded his innocence. Skilled in the martial arts, Lennier is fiercely protective of Delenn. He feels a pure love for her (Ceremonies Of Light And Dark). Lennier serves as a bridge officer on the White Star and often acts as translator for John Sheridan when the captain is on board.

Season 4
During the Great War and the subsequent liberation of Earth, Lennier played an increasingly important role in the Army of Light. He served as a senior officer on the White Star ships typically under the command of John Sheridan, Delenn or Marcus Cole. Always loyal to Delenn, he was by her side as she tried to reunite he people during the civil war between the religious and warrior castes (Moments Of Transition). Lennier was portrayed during an ISN propaganda broadcast as an alien enslaving humans on Babylon 5.



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