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John Sheridan

Actor: Bruce Boxleitner

In The Beginning
When the Earth-Minbari War begins, Cmdr. John J. Sheridan serves as first officer on the EAS Lexington. Sheridan takes command when his captain is killed in battle. Minbari technology is so advanced that Sheridan is forced to improvise. As Minbari warships head for Earth, he mines an asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars with nuclear explosives, then sends a distress signal. Sheridan destroys the Minbari warship Black Star, achieving the only Earth victory during the war.

The Gathering
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Season 1
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Season 2
John Sheridan was Captain of the Agamemnon when he was assigned to command Babylon 5. The Minbari call him "Starkiller," because he was the only Earth captain to destroy one of their warships during the war. Sheridan has been recruited by General Hague to help find those responsible for President Santiago's assassination (Points Of Departure). His wife Anna was lost several years ago, on an exploration mission to Z'Ha'Dum. He has sworn to return to Z'Ha'Dum and determine her fate (In The Shadow Of Z’ha’dum).

Season 3
Captain John Sheridan is the son of a former Earth Alliance diplomat. He joined General Hague's "conspiracy of light" when it appeared that President Clark was involved with those who murdered President Santiago. Sheridan declared Babylon 5's independence when Clark implemented repressive policies against dissidents (Severed Dreams). Delenn gave Sheridan equal command over the Rangers on B5. Sheridan may have died on Z'Ha'Dum, trapped in the Shadow city when he destroyed it (Z'ha'dum).

Season 4
John Sheridan was resuscitated by an ancient First One named Lorien, who extended Sheridan's life energy by twenty years (Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?, Falling Towards Apotheosis). Lorien helped Sheridan locate more First Ones to help end the conflict between the Vorlons and the Shadows (The Long Night, Into The Fire). After President Clark's forces attacked civilian targets (Moments Of Transition), Sheridan led a fleet of defected Earth Alliance ships to liberate Earth colonies, Mars and finally Earth (No Surrender, No Retreat, Endgame). Sheridan resigned his commission and became President of a new alliance of worlds (Rising Star).

River Of Souls
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John Sheridan

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