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Actor: Mira Furlan

The Gathering
Ambassador Delenn represents the Minbari Federation's interests on Babylon 5. When it's announced that the Vorlons are sending an ambassador, she gives Sinclair her file on the Vorlons, although some might consider that a traitorous act. When Sinclair asks her if she knows anything about the hole in his mind - his lost 24 hours from The Battle of the Line - Delenn simply replies that she would never tell him anything that wasn't in his best interests.

Season 1
Delenn is the Minbari Federation's Ambassador to Babylon 5. Unknown to those aboard, she was also a member of the Grey Council. Delenn watched over Jeffrey Sinclair, believing that a reincarnated Minbari soul dwells within him.

Season 2
To fulfill ancient prophecy, Delenn evolved into a Human/Minbari hybrid, hoping to heal old wounds between the two races (Chrysalis, Revelations). Instead she lost her place on the Grey Council (All Alone In The Night). Delenn and Kosh are preparing for the coming war against the Shadows (In The Shadow Of Z'ha'dum).

Season 3
Delenn was once a member of the Grey Council, but was expelled when she entered a chrysalis to transform into a human-Minbari hybrid. Her intent was to fufill prophecy and become a link between the two cultures. Her call for the religious and worker castes to protect Babylon 5 led to the disbanding of the Grey Council (Severed Dreams). When Sinclair left (War Without End II), Delenn was selected to replace him as Entil'Zha of the Rangers. Some among the warrior caste suspect her motives are an attempt to seize power (Grey 17 Is Missing).

Season 4
After Delenn accepted John Sheridan's marriage proposal (Falling Towards Apotheosis), her clan questioned if the relationship would endanger the purity of the Minbari species. Delenn learned that she was a descendant of Valen, now known to have once been Jeffrey Sinclair (Atonement). When a civil war broke out on Minbar between the religious and warrior castes, Delenn was willing to sacrifice her life in the Starwheel to save her people (Moments Of Transition). After Sheridan liberated Earth, he and Delenn married, facing an uncertain future (Rising Star).

River Of Souls
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A Call To Arms
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