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Why fanfiction?

After Babylon 5 was over, we went out to find stories in the web, to satisfy our hunger. We found a lot of good stories and decided to make our own little archive. Due to the fact that we're both 'J&Ders', there are a lot of 'J&D' stories in here. But if you have a good story that's not 'J&D' related - we'd also love to post it here. See guidelines about that.

The J&D storybook

The JD storybook

The storybook has been gone for some time now... at the time we posted a Goodbye to the J&D Storybook. (November 15th 2001)

If you had a story posted in the J&D-Storybook and would like it to be posted again here, please let us know.


Apr 06, 2009 @ 12:04 AM

Laura Bellamy fanfiction

New fanfiction by Laura Bellamy: "Watchers", "Autumn Leaves", "Lessons" and "Christmas Crackers". All to be found here

posted by ern
Mar 23, 2009 @ 12:03 AM

The J&D-Storybook lives on...

We have a couple of classics for you: "Discoveries" and "Shan'Fal Behind Closed Doors" by Peej.
We also have Laura Bellamy's drabble "Dew of Little Things". Check it out in our fanfiction section.

posted by ern
Jan 29, 2008 @ 10:01 PM

Parallels - Reloaded

...or better rewritten. Laura Bellamy (she's back!) rewrote her "Parallels"-pilot story and she did a wonderful job. If you do not the story at all - go read! It's a classic! If you do know it - you will certainly enjoy it again =)
And we have another goodie: "Wild Horses" also by Laura.

posted by ern


... for submitting fanfiction stories to JumpNow

1. First of all you're welcome to submit ANY story you like.

2. How to post a story?

2.1. If you have a story, please send an e-mail (to first, describing the story (main characters, setting) and its size. Also we need your (pen) name and possible e-mail address to post.

2.2. Please wait for our 'okay' before you submit the story itself.

2.3. We will then check it and if it is 'okay' it will be posted.

2.4. You are free to use any assumed name or to post anonymously.

3. What stories do we accept?

3.1. We accept any story related to the Babylon 5 universe.

3.2. We claim the right to reject every story. We WON'T post stories containing explicit violence against children or stories that can enforce racism.

3.3. If we receive any stories in which the spelling is horribly incorrect we WON'T correct it, maybe not even post it. In that case you should get yourself a better beta reader ;-).

3.4. We won't change stories at all. If we have something to complain about, we'll notify the author and we will wait for an answer.

4. How do you remove a story from the archive?

If you want to remove your story from our archive, please inform us via e-mail ( Within days it won't be online anymore...*sniff*. But it's okay with us.

5. Ratings

5.1. If a story is suitable for minors it won't be rated at all or with an FRC.

5.2. If it contains mild violence, sexual innuendos and such it will be rated FRT.

5.3. All other stories containing explicit material (language, brutal violence, adult scenes) will be marked FRM or FRAO.

Explanations to these ratings can be found in the fanfiction dictionary.

6. Archiving stories

Permission is the magic word. If you want to use stories you've found here on your own pages PLEASE ask the author for permission!

All this may sound complicated, but it's not :-). We're friendly people and we'd love to read your stories.