The stories sorted by title.

1. ACTS OF FAITH  by Mary Turner

Set right after "And the Rock cried out No Hiding Place". The war with the Shadows is getting worse and Sheridan looks for an excuse to give Delenn a gift. He wants her to know just what he feels for her...

Pairing(s): J&D
Warning(s): GEN
Categories(s): FL, GF, HC, RO, S3, SP
Rated: FRC |  Added: 21.09.2003

2. CONSEQUENCES  by Mary Turner

AU-ish. Set around the end of S3 - all is good, Sheridan and Delenn are somewhat together, Garibaldi is still a good guy. Delenn goes on a mission to a refugee colony when a Shadows attack her ship. Meanwhile back on B5 a mad man kidnaps Sheridan...

Pairing(s): J&D
Warning(s): LANG, VIOL
Categories(s): AN, AU, DK, GF, IN, S3
Rated: FRM |  Added: 21.09.2003

3. SUCCUBUS  by Mary Turner

End of "Shadow Dancing", sleep watching ritual... you know the situation. Anna Sheridan comes in, Delenn leaves. Afterwards Anna wants to play happy marriage. Delenn does the sacrificing act, pretending nothing ever happened. And Sheridan... Sheridan is torn between his women...

Pairing(s): J&D
Rated: FRT |  Added: 21.09.2003