The stories sorted by title.

1. DELENN'S 'HOUR OF THE WOLF'  by Lynne Levine

A short add for 'the hour of the wolf' - Delenn's thoughts about John...

Pairing(s): J&D
Warning(s): GEN
Categories(s): DF, HC, MS, S4, SP, VN
Rated: FRC |  Added: 05.05.2001

2. FROM NOW ON  by Lynne Levine

Once upon a time we all watched... "falling towards apotheosis" ...and we all wished it wasn't true. It was just then, that this story had been written... *sniff*... they (means J&D) don't want to waste any more time.

Pairing(s): J&D
Warning(s): ADLT
Categories(s): GF, HC, RO, SP
Rated: FRAO |  Added: 05.05.2001