The stories sorted by title.

1. A GIFT OF LOVE  by Betsy Freeth

This is sort of a continuation of DOOR OUT OF DARKNESS. It is set in the same AU anyway. This is a little take on how Ivanova can survived and is healed. And Marcus doesn't give his life... not all of his ---

Pairing(s): I&M
Warning(s): GEN
Categories(s): AH / PU, AN, AU, DK, DRA, HC
Rated: FRC |  Added: 10.03.2002

2. DOOR OUT OF DARKNESS, THE  by Betsy Freeth

So, this is kind of parallel universe. It's fourth season until 'between the darkness and the light' with an additional charcater named Lady Elo'ria D'Nos'Tah. It loosely follows the B5 arc, but differs every now and then.

Pairing(s): J&D
Warning(s): ADLT, HET
Categories(s): AH / PU, AU, DRA, HC, S4
Rated: FRAO |  Added: 06.05.2001