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[see part 1]

Pairing(s): J&D, Je&Cath, G&T
Warning(s): ADLT, HET, VIOL
Categories(s): AA, AH / PU, AU, FR, RO
Rated: FRAO |  Added: 27.04.2001


Okay, this one is a really tough thriller. If you cannot stand thrillers or graphic description of death - don't read this! But if you can - I can recommend it. It's good written and full of suspense... oh, and for the content: It's the end of 2259... Liz Sheridan comes aboard to visit her brother. Little J&D.

Warning(s): VIOL
Categories(s): AA, HF, IN
Rated: FRAO |  Added: 27.04.2001

23. CHRISTMAS CRACKERS  by Laura Bellamy

December 2259 - Delenn is introduced to a Human ritual, and John falls just that little bit more.

Pairing(s): J&D
Categories(s): HF, S2
Rated: FRC |  Added: 06.04.2009

24. Wild Horses  by Laura Bellamy

Five somewhat poetical stops in Sheridan's life.

Pairing(s): J&D
Categories(s): CP, ER, FL, FU, GF, RO
Rated: FRT |  Added: 30.01.2008

25. DEW OF LITTLE THINGS  by Laura Bellamy

After "Between The Darkness And The Light" Sheridan and Garibaldi have to repair their relationship. The first litte step.

Pairing(s): J&G
Categories(s): AN, DR, FR, GF, MS, POV, S4
Rated: FRT |  Added: 23.03.2009

26. WATCHERS  by Laura Bellamy

John enjoys himself watching his wife sleep.

Pairing(s): J&D
Categories(s): FL
Rated: FRT |  Added: 06.04.2009

27. AUTUMN LEAVES  by Laura Bellamy

Autumn on Minbar, John and Delenn enjoy a quiet afternoon with their son.

Pairing(s): J&D
Categories(s): FU
Rated: FRT |  Added: 06.04.2009

28. LESSONS  by Laura Bellamy

Post There All the Honour Lies - John and Delenn share another dinner and try to rebuild bridges.

Pairing(s): J&D
Categories(s): MS, S2
Rated: FRT |  Added: 06.04.2009

29. THE LONG TRIAL - PART I (Chapter 1)  by Rachel Bernstein

The last days of the Earth/Minbari war. Private Havah Lassee fights on the side of Earthforce, but is not entirely human. Her parents were killed after her birth and she doesn't really know what exactly she is.
She isn't interested in finding out, there is a war to fight and an enemy that has almost surrounded Earth.
But then she is captured by the Minbari and scanned with the Triliminary. The outcome is quite... interesting.
This is only the first chapter in a huge series...

Warning(s): VIOL
Categories(s): AA, EP, ITB, OC, PA
Rated: FRM |  Added: 29.03.2004

30. IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT  by Judy Bierman

John Sheridan remembers a dreams from his childhood. More would be telling. Gapfiller.

Pairing(s): J&D
Categories(s): GF
Rated: FRC |  Added: 26.01.2003

31. LOVE: A WORK IN PROGRESS  by Judy Bierman

A short gapfiller for "the illusion of truth". Delenn has second thoughts and Sheridan tries to reassure her.

Pairing(s): J&D
Categories(s): EPL, GF
Rated: FRC |  Added: 20.11.2002

32. WITH GREAT DELIBERATION (I)  by Judy Bierman

Once more with feeling... uh no, sorry, wrong show. Once more Shan Fal! That's right. Not much to say here, except: look at the rating and let me say it's not because of violence or swear words... pure PWP.

Pairing(s): J&D
Rated: FRAO |  Added: 26.01.2003


The PWP continues. See part one for... details?

Pairing(s): J&D
Rated: FRAO |  Added: 26.01.2003


I think it was John in the Forum who said "you don't beat around the bush, do you?". So, we have some sort of a gapfiller-epilogue-thing here, with a bit of a ritual thrown in and then the stuff that causes the rating - and I ain't talkin' about violence, here.
Set around "The Fall Of Centauri Prime"

Pairing(s): J&D
Warning(s): ADLT, HET
Categories(s): GF, HC, PWP
Rated: FRAO |  Added: 22.06.2003

35. TIME PASSAGES  by Moyra J. Bligh

Uhm,... This story starts quite simple: Sheridan is on his way to eat lunch with Delenn... and then she is stabbed in front of him and disappears! That's when it gets complicated. It turns out to be a timetravel-story (and it's not too confusing as timetravel-stories use to be...) and the station gets visitors from the future...

Pairing(s): J&D
Rated: FRC |  Added: 27.04.2001

36. DAWN AT LAST, THE  by A.J. Breton

David Sheridan's diary entries after the events in 'Sleeping In Light'. His thoughts and feelings about his father and how he handles the fact that he didn't know John was dying. This is a nice closure for Sheridan's death and a little glance at how it goes on... *sigh*

Warning(s): GEN
Categories(s): AN, DF, EPL, FU, NG, SP
Rated: FRC |  Added: 23.05.2001

37. WAR STORIES  by A.J. Breton

The longterm repercussions of war. Sheridan and Delenn initiate a Memorial Day but some things go badly wrong. Although there is a little inconsistency in the story it is quite good and that minor flaw is easily forgotten... =)

Rated: FRC |  Added: 27.04.2001

38. ECHOES IN THE ABYSS  by A.J. Breton

A short scene about Sheridan's jump into the abyss. His thoughts on his way down after Lorien showed him the way. The real fall. With a very rough impact.

Pairing(s): J&D
Warning(s): GEN
Categories(s): AN, DF, EPL, MS, S3, SP
Rated: FRC |  Added: 27.04.2001

39. JUST BREATHE  by A.J. Breton

What can I say about that story. It is after 'Intersections In Real Time' and John relives moments of his torture. Things that are mostly brutal and very scary. So anyone who is not suited to extreme violence should be very careful reading this story. It could give you plenty nightmares. But it is well written and it is the only story I know that deals with the events of Sheridan's torture.

Warning(s): VIOL
Rated: FRAO |  Added: 27.04.2001

40. EMPTY PLACES  by A.J. Breton

This is one of those stories I never finish reading after I finished it once. I always want to push the fact away that Anna Sheridan returns. *g* But this is a story that has very cute elements of Angst and romance, even smut. I love it. Sleeping rituals? I just love sleeping rituals where no one sleeps... *g*

Pairing(s): J&D, J&A
Warning(s): LANG
Categories(s): AN, DF, DK, GF, S3, SP
Rated: FRAO |  Added: 27.04.2001

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