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to acknowledgeMa'reenglish | adronato
to actNas'henglish | adronato
am (from "to be")Seenglish | adronato
to arouseNathenglish | adronato
to awakenNathenglish | adronato
to beFaenglish | adronato
to become one (See 'Marriage'.)Sum'zhaenglish | adronato
to beginFa'kovenglish | adronato
to buildHakaenglish | adronato
to burnRaelenglish | adronato
to care (for)Cal'rienglish | adronato
to causeTerenglish | adronato
to cherish (romantically)Me'lirlaenglish | adronato
to comeDurahenglish | adronato
to commandNaenglish | adronato
to considerVeloenglish | adronato
to countMarkaenglish | adronato
to createRiaenglish | adronato
to cryTuzzaenglish | adronato
to cutNilenglish | adronato
to declareRetafenglish | adronato
to defendBe'trienglish | adronato
to devoteClar'waenglish | adronato
to die (to the death)Shahenglish | adronato
to doNaienglish | adronato
to drinkBu'riaenglish | adronato
to eatEt'riaenglish | adronato
to embraceBraninenglish | adronato
to EstablishNes'haenglish | adronato
to expectDe'falaenglish | adronato
to experienceMedraenglish | adronato
to exploreRennenglish | adronato
to fearNerenglish | adronato
to feel (emotion)Ni'veloenglish | adronato
to fightDenenglish | adronato
to flySularenglish | adronato
to gather togetherJen'rienglish | adronato
to gesturePikenglish | adronato
to give pleasureNehanenglish | adronato
to goKaffenglish | adronato

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