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Are youSu E'english | adronato
Are you all right?
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Su E' san?english | adronato
Avoid the enemy
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Fais en'shokenglish | adronato
Bad news does not grow better with age (human phrase)Ner'is vas'hana ter'esenglish | adronato
I amNieenglish | adronato
I am your friend, in peace
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Nie'se schlect sim'waenglish | adronato
I have...In'Aenglish | adronato
I knowA' fa'anenglish | adronato
I know what is coming
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A' fa'an esan de'falaenglish | adronato
I loveA'felenglish | adronato
I love youA'fel E'english | adronato
I yield to your authority
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Defa Eh'rustenglish | adronato
In the name of the FutureIsil'zha Venienglish | adronato
In the name of the One
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Entil'zha Venienglish | adronato
may I?A'rahan?english | adronato
public declaration
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Fornor Sum'zhaenglish | adronato
Roams among the Stars
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En'Filienglish | adronato
Set course forNis'iduenglish | adronato
Set course for primary target
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Nis'idu ze'fan drokenglish | adronato
the end of fear
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Mora'dumenglish | adronato
Timidity the unexpected causes
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Ner'is vas'hana ter'esenglish | adronato
we areNie'saenglish | adronato
You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen
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Nu'shan fel'ani In'A lis'e medranenglish | adronato
[Make] the sound of gentle rain (Messages From Earth)Na'chas du'venaenglish | adronato

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