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None of this belongs to me, although ninety percent of it is a product of my sometimes-overworked imagination. As much as I'd like to take credit for the spark of genius that resulted in Babylon 5, it all ultimately tracks back to the also-overworked imagination of one J. Michael Strazynski and the actors...Mira Furlan, Bill Mumy and those others who donned the bonecrest and portrayed this imaginary but fascinating race of people. Simply put, this is my tribute to them. If you watch Babylon 5 carefully, you'll note that of all the major races, few ever really speak in their native tongues. Only the Minbari give us more than snippets of their language, so I've tried to build on that and in some small way expand and enrich the sometimes beautiful, sometimes frightening cosmos JMS created. Like the First Ones, Joe and the others have moved on...but wasn't it nice of them to leave their toys for us?

Legal disclaimers aside, you know whose property this is...like everyone else here, I'm just a trespasser.

John P. Hightower

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