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This is the page where the 'who is who' game starts. It's our attempt to figure out where the characters of B5 have their origin.

sheridan delenn Ivanova & Marcus Garibaldi Kosh & Lorien The Shadows Minbari & Vorlons

John Sheridan

... bears many similarities with Frodo Baggins and Aragorn (Strider).

Why Frodo?

Just like Sheridan Frodo has all weight on his shoulders. It falls upon him to destroy the ring and with it all evil. Frodo has to go to Mordor, the Lion's den, as Sheridan has to go to Z'Ha'Dum to face the Shadows.

On his journey Frodo is mortally wounded, Sheridan falls at Z'Ha'Dum. Both attack the center of evil and destroy it.

Both, Frodo and Sheridan, have to liberate their homes from evil. The Shire is under the iron claw of burglars and Saruman while in the B5 universe President Clark has turned Earth into a police state.

Due to his wound Frodo can no longer live among the people of Middle-earth. He goes with the ancients to the West.
Sheridan on his part has after his death on Z'Ha'Dum *sniff* only twenty years left. Then he joins Lorien and the First Ones beyond the rim.

Why Aragorn?

At first Aragorn is not what he seems to be. He gathers the forces of all races secretly and prepares them for the coming war. Aragorn is the leader of the Rangers, just like Sheridan in the B5 universe.

Aragorn is the only one capable of uniting all peoples of Middle-earth. Like Sheridan he has to face the dead (the Paths of the Dead - see also 'events'). Aragorn becomes king of Gondor, Sheridan is appointed president of the new born Interstellar Alliance.

Even Aragorn's death is similar to Sheridan's end. *double sniff*
Aragorn decides willingly to die and the goodbye scene between him and Arwen is nearly the same as when Sheridan leaves Delenn *sniff*.

Aragorn and Arwen have also a son, the heir to the throne.


... is Arwen.

Why Arwen?

Elrond's daughter is half elvish half human; Delenn is half Minbari. Arwen has to choose between her father and her love (Aragorn). Delenn is torn between her Minbari heritage and her mate Sheridan.

They meet in planty places ;-). Together they rule Gondor/ISA and have a son. After Aragorn/Sheridan die they retreat to live solemnly and alone, waiting for their death.

Ivanova and Marcus

... are Eowyn and Faramir.

Why Eowyn?

Eowyn helps to organize the forces and the battle. She's in love with Aragorn as Ivanova sees in Sheridan some kind of brother.

In the final battle Eowyn gets deadly wounded by a ring wraith. Ivanova almost dies in battle against Earth cruisers enhanced by Shadow tech.

They are both saved from certain death, Ivanova by Marcus and Eowyn by Aragorn.
Both women realize they are in love with Marcus/Faramir.

Why Faramir?

Like Marcus, Faramir is the fighter always willing to defend and to serve.


... is Boromir.

Why Boromir?

Just like Garibaldi betrays Sheridan, Boromir betrays Frodo. They are both misled by their arrogance and think that Frodo/Sheridan are not the right people to fullfil the task at hand.

They both try to rescue the betrayed ones in the end, paying a high price. Boromir pays his betrayal with his death and Garibaldi's life is destroyed by Bester.

They both realize that they were wrong at last.

Kosh and Lorien

... are Gandalf.

Why Gandalf?

Gandalf comes and goes as he likes, is very cryptic and mysterious in his answers like Kosh. Like Kosh he starts to move the right people to the right place in the right time, Gandalf initiates Frodo's journey to Mordor.

Gandalf falls at Khazad-dûm in struggle with one of the dark servants into an abyss. Just like Kosh also falls at Z'Ha'Dum inside Sheridan's body.

Both go through a necessary change. Gandalf becomes the 'White' wizard; in B5 Kosh is replaced by Lorien.

Like Lorien stays with Sheridan 'til the end of the fight and guides him, Gandalf helps Aragorn. Both challenge the enemy in the final battle and both leave with the ancients.


... is Saruman.

Why Saruman?

If we assume that Kosh is Gandalf then Ulkesh has to be Saruman. Saruman was good once, knowing the prophecies. Saruman is tempted by the dark power and goes insane just like the Vorlons do in B5.


... is Elrond.

Why Elrond?

In the B5 universe Dukhat is a father figure for Delenn - as Elrond is Arwen's father.

Elrond is one of the great Elvish leaders, and in Rivendell the first gathering of the Fellowship of the Ring is held. Just like Dukhat summons the Grey Council to start to investigate the return of the Shadows and discuss further actions.

And like Minbar, Elrond's house is the only place where the ancient prophecies are known and Minbar/Rivendell are the only places to where the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum/Mordor has not yet reached.

The Shadows

... are Sauron and his dark legions.

Why Sauron?

The bad guys are the bad guys... *g*

Sauron, just like the Shadows, is bringing chaos and war to Middle-earth. He enslaves whole peoples - as the Shadows have their dark servants (e.g. the Drakh).

Sauron lives "in the land where the Shadows lie."

Minbari and Vorlons

... are the elves and wizards.

Why elves and wizards?

They are old races. They have a much longer lifespan than normals (humans).

Normally the Vorlons are not in contact with the younger races - except maybe the Minbari - as is the case with the Elves in Middle-earth.

Elves are mostly living in hidden places, like Lothlórien, a place that is almost a myth among the people of Middle-earth.

The homeworld of the Vorlons can not be reached that easily - most of the Elves live on the Western isles that are far far away from Middle-earth.

They are the opposite force to the Shadows/Sauron. Minbar and Vorlons - like the Elves stand for light, hope and order.

Londo & G'Kar

... their relationship is very similar to that of Gimli and Legolas.

Their relationship changes from hate, over acceptance, to friendship.

Both are as different as one could imagine. Their peoples were enemies for centuries.


... is Gollum.

Why Gollum?

You really have to ask? Okay, okay, we'll explain.

First Gollum is very sleazy, which is a very good description of Bester as well. Gollum always tries to misguide Frodo, he changes sides as often as it suits his plans. Gollum is obsessed with the ring as Bester with power.

In the end Bester causes the destruction of Z'Ha'Dum (through Lyta) and Gollum destroys the ring and the mountain Barad-dur. They both tried to save the legacy of evil (ring/Shadow tech).

Morden, Justin,...

... are Ringwraiths.

The Ringwraiths are dark servants that are sent out to find allies and to terrorize and spread fear among the living of Middle-earth.

Morden and his "associates" are the spies and servants of the Shadows.

One thing left...

Who the hell is Sinclair???? Anybody there to help us? Any idea?

[Just go to the silmarillion to see the first answer to that question]

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