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Mar 31, 2005 @ 10:03 PM

T'was the last day of a cycle

The fourth season will conclude my weekly video sessions. It is the year 2261. And it was a very busy year. A lot has been left out of this, I dearly hope I have cut to the core of the season with glimpses at what is really in those 22 episodes (and beyond). It was a hell of a good time I had with these. I like to look at them and I hope you do too.
Happy birthday Jumpy, indeed! Endgame.

posted by berry
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Mar 31, 2005 @ 09:03 PM

The Last of her Kind


There is an unusual creature checking in in customs - a Dilgar in Minbari clothing. Na'Toth is in no doubt that it is the infamous Deathwalker - a legendary Dilgar War Master Jha'Dur, known for her atrocities during the Dilgar Invasion. Soon the entire station knows about Jha'Dur, and the ambassadors of the league call for a trial.
But Jha'Dur has a trump card - an anti-agapic. Immortality for those who make the deal with Jha'dur...
Meanwhile, Talia has a job from Kosh.
-> Pictures of Deathwalker

posted by ern
Mar 31, 2005 @ 07:03 PM

New Dictionary Feature

We have a new feature in John Hightower's dictionaries (Minbari and Fanfiction) - direct linkage between entries. No long searches, just click it.

posted by ern
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Mar 31, 2005 @ 03:03 PM

100x100 goodness

Both, Ern and I, have weblogs over at livejournal.com and so we started making these little user pictures everyone needs to have. Simply called lj-icons.
So we made Babylon 5 lj-icons and thought we would share them here at Jumpnow. Thus opening a new section for 100x100 pixel goodness.
Check them out. (you can select in the righthand menu which ones should be displayed. By character, author, even episode)
And there are brand new "Jumpnow Birthday icons" online...

posted by berry
Mar 31, 2005 @ 01:03 AM

Jumpy is 5 years!


Today is the day. Five years ago Ern and I got our Babylon 5 pages together and made this.
JumpNow.de will hopefully see many more years to come. For now, let's have a glass of wine or two and celebrate this momentous occasion. Let's start this out with a little thing here on the front page. For a little while everytime you come here (or reload) you will see one of our old PotDs.
The archive is coming soon, too.

posted by berry
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Mar 30, 2005 @ 12:03 AM

A normal day on Babylon 5...


... G'Kar gets a death threat, Londo passes out during a Centauri celebration of life and Catherine Sakai comes to Babylon 5, not knowing her Ex runs the place.
... and Lennier arrives, Delenn's new aide. There is much religious celebration going on and then there is red fruit and Delenn eating that fruit quite... sexily.
A very funny and thrilling episode. And it was all brand new. Here are pictures from Parliament Of Dreams.

posted by berry
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Mar 29, 2005 @ 12:03 AM

Secret messages


A doctor on the run... no, not Dr Franklin, but the Doctor of the late President Santiago. He has proof that Clarke was not really ill when he left Starforce One shortly before it exploded.
On Babylon 5 a manhunt for this man has begun, not leaving Sheridan much room to maneuver. He has to act quickly to save the man and sends Garibaldi and Dr. Franklin to reach the witness before Earthgov does.
The answer to all this? A singing ship, what else?
Here are pictures from Hunter, Prey

posted by ern
JumpNow section
Mar 28, 2005 @ 12:03 AM

A Late Delivery


... from Avalon. The legendary King Arthur is back, or is he? Actually it's one David McIntyre - the gunner who fired the first shot in the Earth Minbari War. He came to B5 to find salvation...

posted by ern
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